MAD Designer's Intended Audience

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A Self Service Reporting Tool for Business Analysis

MAD Designer is intended for business analysis and data analysts who want to create mobile analytic documents. If you have access to database and you are searching for the proper tool to allow you to share that data with your colleagues or customers, the MAD Designer is the correct solution for you.

So what is MAD designer? MAD Designer is a mobile analytics document designer that allows you to connect to your database, and design ad hoc queries, and share them as native report documents on iOS.

To create mad documents you must have the skills set understand your database. This does not mean you will be writing low level SQL code. MAD Designer handles that for you. But, to design the MAD documents, you must have the skills to understand the relationships and links in your database. You must be familiar with the tables and fields in your database. You need to know what data is relevance, and how it relates to other data in your database.

Simply said, this software is not for everybody. It's for people who want to do the hard work of designing reports. If you would like to just view the reports created by someone else, then MAD viewer is the product for you.