Version 3.0 Details

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Development is being finished on version three of MAD Designer. Here's what to look forward to in the next version.

Version three of MAD Designer will support the new 64 bit devices in their native architectures. That means the next version of MAD Designer, and its included database drivers, will be compiled to support armv7, armv7s, and arm64. This will give you the best and fastest performance from your database.

Barcodes support will also be added to the next version of MAD Designer. Design and share reports with most any type of barcode you like. The software will connect to your database, fetch your data, and display it in the report in the barcode format. It can then be printed, shared, or scanned.

The next version also includes many UI enhancements.

Lookout for MAD Designer 3.0. Take your BI mobile.

If you are interested in deploying MAD Software in your office, contact us, and let us know what you need.